Its an interesting discussion to look at the future of work.  Whilst some of this may seem a long way off, take time to look at how you live and work today and how you're already using technology.

Many of us will have virtual assistants on our phones / pc's or be using the Amazon Echo / Google Home.  I've just put up the Christmas tree and now got Alexa setup to turn the lights on / off - very cool.  I've also now got Alexa to control my heating, so I can get hot, well at least warm in the british winter.  

In business we've outsourced many back office jobs to lower cost workers, we put our trust in people working for us all around the world who just follow a process for us and when it goes wrong we blame it on ' human error'.  So robots running processes will remove the human error element, however robots do still need to be managed and controlled.

Have you ever considered what your office will look like in 10 years? Robots running processes, teams of part–time workers hired on the gig economy, an AI and voice driven PA for every employee.