Take a look at this short video and see how technology is helping to improve the efficiency of managing inbound emails.

As consumers we now expect a quick response to all our communications. If you don't reply to my email the same day i'm likely to try a different channel or send another email or both.  My initial request may soon have 10+ interactions for you to manage.  

Wouldn't be simpler just to have responded to my 1st request!

This technology isn't new, solutions have been available or many years, however the technology is now better and far more affordable.  Artificial Intelligence has matured and is coming to the forefront of how a company creates a better customer experience. Machines’ ability to interact with humans is stronger than ever. AI will help us make better business decisions, many of them positively impacting the customer. AI won’t necessarily take over the human function, although in some places it can and will, but it will assist customer support people, becoming an IA , or Intelligent Assistant.