This looks like a great topic for discussion.  In todays digital world  how can you make your customers feel like they’re in the same room with you.

I'm sure you've all got experiences on the phone where its very difficult to hear and understand the conversation.  If you think of some of your own experiences, this often leads to frustration and poor service.  I recently made a call to a service provider, I initially tried their self service option but this didn't help me so I called them.  I went through a painfully long IVR process, I wasn't fully concentrating and forgot the correct option so I just selected option 1.  Once I was connected the agent couldn't help and gave me a separate phone number.  I then called this and got connected directly back to the same agent!

When deploying any new channels or introducing change its important to test the user experience and get ensure your agents have all the information they need to resolve enquiries.  This is where AI-enabled customer engagement can really help.

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