Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customers Effort Score (CES) are widely used to measure customer experience across industries.

The problem with both these scores is they rely on statiscal sampling that are typically to a limited snapshot in time. The people most likely to respond to these surveys may not also be representative of your actual experience. 

In addition to the NPS and CES you need to understand how engaged your customers are.  What % of customers actually took the time and effort to response to your survey request.  

You should also ask yourself a few questions..

  • Is your feedback consistent across all channels?
  • Would you take the time to give feedback?
  • Do you provide a continuous feedback loop?
  • Do you publish metrics?
  • Do you capture employee engagement ?
  • Is this aligned to customer engagement?

Once you've started this discussion its time to look at how your capturing and using the feedback to improve your service for customers and colleagues. 

Then share this information so everyone knows how your doing.