As many of you know, we are members of the World Economic Forum, an organization whose mission is “to improve the state of the world.” This week Alan is at the annual meeting, widely known as Davos, for the town in which it takes place. This morning, Pega joined other leading global IT industry leaders to announce a new initiative to help train workers with the skills to succeed in an increasingly digital workplace. Through a free, online learning portal, the consortium hopes to empower at least one million people to update their capabilities and expand their employment opportunities.  

The portal will include key courses from Pega Academy and other consortium partners on topics ranging from general business and computing skills, customer service and CRM, and software app development, to more advanced topics such as cyber-security, big data, and the Internet of Things. Learning will be self-paced, and an assessment test will help users determine which coursework and/or learning pathways best fit their current skill set and learning goals.

 I’m very proud that Pega is one of the founding partners for this first of its kind offering, which was conceived at last year’s Davos.