By augmenting their work with machine intelligence, human employees will be empowered with more autonomy and a greater sense of job satisfaction, according to the survey:

  • AI and robotic automation will allow staff to make more informed decisions and lead to a flattening of traditional management hierarchies, according 8 out of 10 respondents (78 percent).
  • AI will help suggest next best actions for most customer service agents within the next five years, according to more than three quarters (77 percent) of respondents.
  • While 88 percent are comfortable working together with machines, they are less enthusiastic about being managed by them: four out of five (79 percent) say they would not be comfortable with an AI-powered boss.

Workplaces globally are accelerating in flexibility, agility and responsiveness as the deployment of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence augments human skills and abilities – a concept and practice that is becoming increasingly mainstream.

69% of senior executives surveyed expect the workforce to eventually encapsulate both human employees and intelligent machines. How can businesses prepare for these transformational changes?

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