I'm sure you'd expect any technology company or digital transformation consultant to suggest moving your transactions online will save you money.

You can end up just spending more money on technology and making things even more complicated unless you have a plan as to how the work actually gets done.

I've seen lots of 'digital' projects that have created a very nice looking web site and user interface, however they've created a huge volume of work for back office teams, often involving lots of manual updates to legacy systems.

Start by reviewing your existing customer journeys and associated effort.  You can the prioritise these based on the effort.  You may decide to start small to test the water and the thats OK, however once you're comfortable with the technology you then need to start making a difference and targeting the journeys that will give you and your customers the best return.

This is particularly important for public sector organisations who are spending tax payers money and all decisions are very visible.  Its great to see councils across the country adopt the ' Save Time, Do it Online' campaign and share their benefits publicly. 

Its important to take time to share results, this gives project teams some real focus and can bring some of the technology back to reality.