Even though this is a couple of years old its still very relevant today.

Think about the devices you use to interact with today and how this has changed over the last few years and how this is likely to change over the next few years.

Outside of work I rarely use email, my children certainly don't use email, It's slow and inefficient, why would you!  Today we're all looking for a more instant response at any time of day or night.  

I'll usually start online, If I can easily self serve this is my preference.  If not that's when I start to get frustrated. In the digital age why can't I just do it myself online.

I had this example over the weekend, after chasing an organisation several times by email with no response I gave up and phoned their helpline.  The person I spoke to was really helpful and apologised for the delay and ignoring my emails in their system.  She did explain they had a 10 day service level for emails, however they had missed that anyway!  In fairness to this organisation that they dealt with my request while I was on the phone.  

For a simple transaction that I wanted to self serve I've now ended up interacting across 4 separate channels over a month.  What I really wanted was for my issue to be resolved 1st time.