Customers already expect choice and and this often starts with the ability to self serve. When i'm using a government funded service I'll always try and help myself online.  If I need support I'm now expecting to see chat options to help me resolve my query 1st time, in the channel of my choice.

I agree with Gene Alvarez, managing vice president at Gartner, twenty percent of brands will abandon their mobile apps by 2019, he predicted, choosing consumer messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and WeChat instead.

Certainly if I'm interacting with an organisation I don't really want to download their app and use this for communication unless it adds lots of value and i'm going to use it regularly. I'd much prefer to use a channel i've already got.

When you're reviewing and planning customer journeys and thinking about channels you need to consider how things will change over the next few years and ensure you plan to accommodate change.