I expect you’ll find this event interesting, Automation week - organised by the Cross-Government Robotics Centre of Excellence (a joint venture between Cabinet Office and Capgemini). This event aims to increase awareness of Robotics Process Automation across central government and explore the benefits your department will gain from automating mundane, repetitive processes.

Pega has the first date in Cardiff on 16th April and will take place in Capgemini’s innovation centre. The agenda will feature demo booths, a presentation from Francis Carden from Pega and a panel debate covering the following:

- Clarity between AI and RPA: where each can be used (e.g. GDPR) and the particular challenges of making robotics work within government

- How far down the cognitive/AI route does government need to push?

- Practical examples of implementation, particularly in government

- Transparency in AI: How mature are the cognitive/AI tools & are there any key watch outs when implementing those? (i.e. do you put controls in place, volume control transparency to see how AI makes decisions, how far can we push with robotics to realise the benefits?)