Its interesting to read this example form Philips and to understand how low-code software allows specially-trained developers to focus more on the design of the applications and how customers might best interact with them.

Its rare to get commercial off the self (COTS) software packages to fit your business requirements.  Often lengthly software development or customisation is requtred to tailor applications to meet your needs.  You need to ensure you can easily make changes especially as your business needs and customer expectations are continuously changing. 

We see this frequently in UK Government with departments choosing to develop applications with millions of lines of code. Whilst this can be a cost effective method for today as Government policies change and citizen expectations align more closely with their retail experiences applications need to be frequently changed.  This is not always so easy as an army of developers is required to develop, build and test for each change.

It will be interesting to see the outcome from Philips especially with their self service application allowing patients to “take control of their own medical data” and history, both from hospitals and personal devices at home.