75% of brands are unable to tailor real-time, multi-channel experiences.  

Why is this so difficult?

Often channels are managed in silos or point solutions, not really considering the customer journey.

You need to ensure you're able to take the right actions with customers and deliver a coordinated, consistent and meaningful customer experience. You can achieve this by remembering customers and learning from each interaction, you need to leverage data to act as your institutional memory and customer ambassador, helping you to make realtime decisions to help improve customer satisfaction and reduce risk.

You also need to have complete control over the programs, strategies, and advanced analytics that drive your customer decision making.  With Pega we have a centralised brain (Customer Decision Hub - CDH) that automatically suggests best actions across all channels, and immediately learns based on contextual customer behavior.

You can visually define strategies that involve real-time decision driven next-best-actions, selecting the right action at the right time such as: Propose an offer, suggest the right specialist, give advice on training options, or even make a decision based on risk modeling... anticipating customer needs, achieving outcomes favorable to your customer and you. You can easily assemble strategies that...leverage predictive models, self-building, self-learning algorithms that improve with each interaction.

You get photographic memory about customer preferences, interactions, purchase patterns, service, risk, credit history and more – leveraging Big Data to build Big Intelligence. The hub uses this memory along with advanced analytics to intelligently predict the next-best-actions and adjusts in real-time as new information is learned.