Its great to see examples of clients benefiting from their digital transformation projects.

If you're involved in a digital transformation project take time with your discovery phase, look at your existing processes and customer journeys.  Spend time being a customer and experience the end to end service for yourself.  

You'll soon recognize that you're not going to deliver your expected outcomes by just continuing an old-style approach of applying technology or passing the problem over to IT. Much greater agility and business engagement is required. 

A second thing that’s critical is they need to understand how unforgiving the current customer base is. Today, it's very easy to spread bad news very quickly.  Customers have all the tools and weapons at their disposal to do it. So you need to be sensitive about any changes.

The third thing you need to be able to do is believe in continuous improvement, that it’s not about getting it perfect the first time; it’s about being able to build for change. To be able to make it so you can take a step and quickly iterate, because that’s the only way your organisation is going to be successful.

Finally, you've got to keep in mind that it’s all about engagement, engaging with your customers on the terms they want, in the channels they want, and with the agility that they’re going to expect from your organisation.