We'll have lots more examples coming up in PegaWorld 18, however this presentation from Joakim Kruse really highlights the application reuse capabilities of the Pega Platform.

You should note some of their key business objectives:

- Automation

- Digitalisation

- Self Service

- Shorter case resolution time = Better Service

- Fair and equal process in case handling

The Swedish Federation of Unemployment (SO) have consolidated 28 separate systems into 1 central platform. Each of the 28 systems has a personalised UI and are accessed by web and mobile applications.  Each of the 28 systems are seen as unique with a different look and feel.

The UX design factors WCAG 2.0 Accessibility and has been designed with mobiles and tablets in mind.

The application design enables component reuse across the 28 end user systems with common application layers to maximise reuse across SO.  The benefits are seen clearly when you add different channels (Phone, Letter, Email, SMS & Web Chat)  you only need to integrate once!  At SO they have integrated their channels once and shared across their 28 systems.