I'm sure you've seen lots of GDPR requests recently with companies asking for your consent.  Is this the start of us seeing more personalised marketing or companies just reacting to become compliant with the new regulations.

You may well be asking yourselves these questions...

  • Which channel or business function is causing the most customer pain, currently? ƒ 
  • Which would yield the greatest revenue gains? Cost efficiencies?ƒ 
  • Which would generate the greatest expense? How do we optimise cash flows?ƒ 
  • Which has the greatest switching costs? Would those decrease over time?ƒ 
  • Which stakeholders would be the most likely to adopt? Where would there be resistance? ƒ 
  • Which channels provide data or insights that can be leveraged downstream?ƒ 
  • How will our organisational structure support this initiative?ƒ Who will champion this initiative – now, and after the initial implementation?ƒ 
  • How can we generate quick wins to validate the project, and build momentum?ƒ 
  • What order of operations has produced success? Are there established best practices?

If this is of interest, download and read this white paper and learn more about moving from segments to a one-to-one customer focussed approach.