We work with many of the worlds largest and leading organisations and they are all chasing digital transformation.  Sometimes, rather than truly transforming, they are jumping onto the latest buzzwords or buying the latest software vendor hype.  This is all happening in the context of a constantly changing world of technology, we know its hard to keep up.

We see organisations making 3 well intentioned mistakes...

1)Channels, not Journeys

They build disconnected channels, instead of designing journeys. Logic is built into channels in an attempt to engage with customers. As new channels are added it becomes difficult and complex to manage and for customers to continue their journeys across channels.

2) Tasks, not Outcomes

They focus on automating tasks, instead of delivering seamless outcomes. Often system constrains within legacy systems means change become difficult or impossible.  We're now seeing organisation fill the gaps with robots, thinking its easy to  automate tasks. This just leads to digital chaos and inconsistent processes and a poor customer experience.

3) Silos, not End to End

They are building more silos, instead of thinking end to end. Perhaps worst of all, organisations are not connecting their customer engagement to their digital processes. This creates a silo between the front office and back office creating The Digital Gap.


The Right Way

For businesses to overcome this digital gap, improve the customer experience and succeed in digital transformation efforts, they must start to embrace intelligent technologies from an operational point of view in order to gain quick wins.

Robotics is an increasingly used technology tool that helps give businesses what they need; the ability to deliver real business value for customers.

Consumers are engaged through the use of technology, and they know exactly what they want: experiences that are easy and convenientThis is, ultimately, the challenge that organisations are trying to address with digital transformation: the convergence of customer engagement with digital process automation.

You need AI capabilities to do this customer engagement in real-time, and automation for the easy and convenient experience.