When Nordnet launched it in 2017, Amelia’s first task was to speed up the onboarding of new customers, and later, to improve customer satisfaction.

But it failed to do both.

When you start looking at a digital transformation project you really need to think about the outcomes and the end to end customer experience, ask yourself ' How does this service feel?'  

When organisations implement a point solution to 'improve customer satisfaction' or 'speed up service' often this provides an additional silo to manage and creates a disjointed customer experience. This frustrates customers and leads to a poorer customer experience - Totally the opposite of the initial project intention!

It's a good idea to start with some small pilot projects and get some feedback and be prepared to change the service if its not working. 

Its also interesting to read that whilst Ameilia isn't right for Nordnet today, they're exploring how to effectively use AI to help them engage with their customer by predicting customer behaviour and preferences through AI.  

In the UK we've seen exceptional results from The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) who have personalised their customer experience using AI. 

We’re creating an environment where we know our customers individually, and we want to use what we know about our customers to really understand what’s important to them – so that we can be there in the moments that matter.

Jessica Cuthbertson Head of Data Science & Customer Decisioning, RBS

Having re-built its customer approach around the concept of what it calls “Personology,” RBS now presents relevant content to customers in real-time, across both inbound and outbound channels. The Agile capabilities built into the Pega platform allows the bank to review and approve programs rapidly – in days, rather than months. In addition, personalisation on the bank’s Web channels, which includes millions of customer interactions each day, has a direct revenue impact. Mortgage retention has improved 20%, and 40% of branch appointments are scheduled online - up from 0% a few years ago.

The bank’s investment in Pega had provided the intelligence and guidance required to power high-value conversations in its agent-facing channels. Branch staff have found that, in addition to highly relevant recommendations, even something as simple as a customer “Happy Birthday” message drives a deeper, more personalised conversation, and increases loyalty.