It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of new channels but more traditional channels like 'white mail' and 'email' still remain widely used across many government departments.

Customers expect a timely response to their correspondence and traditional 5 or 10 day service levels for a reply just frustrate customers and force them to switch across channels to chase for an update.  The initial email or letter (white mail) can often be followed by several chasing emails or telephone calls.

We've seen automated responses to emails being used for keeping customers informed for sometime, however these often just state your email has been received and we'll reply within our service level - often days!  When sending a letter, you're often just left waiting days or weeks for a letter back or some other form of acknowledgement.

Employees and customers each suffer from the pain delays can inflict. Imagine if you could give your employees a mail assistant that could read, route, and respond to mail so they can focus on more pressing matters? What if your customers enjoyed prompt personalised service instead of waiting in mail limbo?

Pega’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant for mail does the heavy lifting for you. It automatically detects the intent of the mail, picks up relevant information (like an account number), and automates the processing and response - And not just with an “automated” reply that feels impersonal.