Here are three steps you can take right now to be more agile:

1. Stop coding and start designing: No-code, visual-based tools allow business users to design the applications they need, when they need them. This ensures that objectives don’t get lost in the coding shuffle, meaning better experiences and higher satisfaction for your customers.

2. Explore new processes: So you’ve mastered Agile software development. What’s next? Consider the DevOps methodology, which moves beyond quick app development and into continuous delivery, deployment, and integration. Your customers will benefit from changes and improvements to applications almost as soon as you can make them.

3. Think twice before “rip and replace:” Going faster means ripping out all of those slow legacy systems and replacing them with the latest software, right? Wrong. The new approach is to integrate and reuse as much of your existing enterprise investments as possible. It speeds deployment and is more cost-efficient than the old “rip and replace” way of thinking. Find a vendor who can wrap these old systems in a layer that still allows you to create and deploy new features.