Brands like Amazon, Apple, and Netflix disrupted their respective industries, taking down behemoths like Borders, Tower Records, and Blockbuster who couldn’t get out of their own way. 

These giants weren’t ready for disruption – and it cost them dearly. Without a doubt, you know the stories. And you’ve heard the buzz around the term ‘disruption’. KPMG, Forrester, and EY have all built businesses around the idea. The media abounds with articles on the subject. Our competitors blog about it.You don’t need a definition and you don’t need to hear the cautionary tales. What you need is an action plan. You need to understand how you can position your organisation so that when disruption comes knocking, you’re ready for it.

Pega recently surveyed over 600 business and IT leaders across industries and across the globe to find out who is disruption-ready (and who is not). While our findings tell us the majority of organisations aren’t ready for the disruption headed their way, they also point to a number of opportunities to get there.

Interestingly Government is more likely than any other industry to be using automation in  finance, legal, or human resources.