This is one of my favorite new capabilities in Pega.  The all new email manager portal has been re-designed specifically for triaging inbound email.  It combines email, case management, and AI to quickly turn emails into cases – even suggesting replies to be sent.

The new manager portal auto-populates business case properties using suggested “entities” (how natural language processing identifies specific kinds of text).  

New in 8.1, users can now create custom entities and train entity models to ensure that the data copied from email to a case is correct.  The new feature allows users to create new entities, correct wrongly detected entities, and send feedback to entity models.

The enhanced text analysis view in email triage allows users to take accurate actions based on all the information extracted from email and attachments.  The email triage shows the highlighted entities from the email and attachments and provides a list of topics and a confidence score to help people quickly see what the email is about.  

These impressive new features in email will help users of the system move from an email to cases faster than ever before - a big win for our customers!