All too often we’re asked to complete based based forms and share personal documents in the post.  Often this is to comply with legacy processes and systems.  If you’re the service provider you really need to take a different look at this and become a customer or at least test the process yourself to see what the experience is like.

Even in todays digital society you’re far too often asked to download documents, print them off and return in the post - why ?

Registers of Scotland has now started a transformation journey migrating very traditional paper based processes to far more accessible and user friendly online services.   Registers of Scotland is a non-ministerial department within the Scottish administration, with responsibility for 18 land, property and judicial registers, underpinning the Scottish economy. 

Janet spoke at our customer engagement summit last year, she chairs the executive management team and has been actively involved in steering the transformation of the business from paper-based to digital over the last three years.  

Where they started - A complex, multi-faceted, siloed process journey

Challenges - 

Vision - To be a digital registration and information business trusted for our integrity